Chrissy Lynne

Chrissy Lynne

San Francisco born singer/songwriter Chrissy Lynne Colangelo comes form four generations of family in the entertainment business. Singing and performing since she was a child, she left a prestigous career in the film industry to devote herself entirely to music and songwriting.

Chrissy spent the better part of the 90’s performing as Sister Soul, as well as working at Laughing Tiger Studios, where she recorded her first album and also met producer David Simon-Baker.

In April of 2013, she teamed up with Dave and producer/guitarist Danny Uzilevsky to record her fifth album. Wanting the freedom to record whenever they wanted, Chrissy and Danny founded and built Allegiant Records, utilizing Dave’s knowledge and years of experience in the recording industry. The three of them continue to work together at Allegiant where they are finishing Chrissy’s album, which is due for release in 2014.

Chrissy performs regularly with her Americana/Alt-Country/Rock band, Chrissy Lynne Band which features the stunning talents of Danny Uzilevsky, Dana Miller, Dan Duffin, and Chip Roland.


Discography & Awards

2000 Sister Soul – Love Rules
2005 Sister Soul – The Nashville Demos
2009 Sister Soul – Live at the Black Oak Ranch
2011 Chrissy Lynne – A Collection of Folk Songs: Volume 1
2014 Chrissy Lynne Band – untitled

Chrissy Lynne has recieved several songwriting awards, including one from Billboard. Her song “Soul of a Woman” was selected by VH1 as one of the “Top Five Songs” of 2005. Her song “Long Distance Love Affair”, co-wriiten with Nashville songwriter Rebecca Hosking, has also received several awards and was chosen to be aired on the TV series “Nashville.”

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