Gear List

We are currently running both ProTools 10 and 11 with Universal Audio Apollo converters and UAD plugins.

Console Neve 5442                                                                         10334474_1144522845572388_6652171186091869725_n 








Mic preamps 

We have a variety of high quality hardware microphone preamps including: Neve 12 channel 5452 console with 34128 modules, Neve 1272’s, JDK MP-R20’s, Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4, 2 AEA Ribbon Pre’s, a Golden Age Pre 73, as well as UAD’s Unison channel strip emulations of API Vision channel strip, Neve 88RS channel strip, Neve 1073, and UA 610b that work directly through the physical gain structure of our 16 UA Apollo “Unison” preamps.


We also have high quality hardware compressors including API 527, Empirical Labs Distressor and Fatso as well as a pair of JDK R22’s. We also have wonderful UAD plugin versions of Fairchild, UA 1176, LA-2A, Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, EL7 Fatso and many more.



Our hardware includes 12 Neve 34128  3 band EQ’s, API 550a, and a pair of JDK R24’s and a pair by Phoenix Audio. Our UAD plugin EQ options include Pultec, API, SSL, Neve, Mäag, Dangerous Music Bax EQ, and more. We also have an extensive library of 3rd party plugins from Waves, Brainworx, Izotrope, AIR and many more.



The Allegiant mic locker is always expanding. We currently have a selection of condenser, tube, ribbon and dynamic mics by Neumann, Telefunken, Royer, AEA, Sennheiser, AKG, Lauten, Shure, Electrovoice, Cascade, Coles and more.


Tape Machines

MCI 2″ 16 track tape recorder refurbished by Chris Mara


 Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.52.03 PM  





At Allegiant, we believe in the classics! We have a Hammond C3 and Leslie 22H, Fender Rhodes 73, Wurlitzer, Kawai upright piano, as well as an extensive library of MIDI samples.


We are proud to offer our beautiful vintage 1965 Ludwig silver sparkle house kit with 20″ kick, 12″ 14″ 16″ toms and a crackin’ 14″ steel Ludwig snare. For hand percussion we have a pair of vintage 60’s Gon Bops congas, as well as shakers, tambourines, cowbells, claves, woodblocks etc.





Guitar amps
Being that studio owner Danny Uzilevsky has been collecting guitar amps for over 30 years, we have an amazing collection of small to large guitar amplifiers.


Amps from small to large include: Orange Micro Crush (secret weapon for crazy crunch!), Fender Blues Jr, ’64 Fender princeton w/ extension cab, ’65 Fender Deluxe Reverb reissue, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Fender Blues DeVille w/ 4 10″ speakers, Vox AC 50 head, Vox 2-12″ cab w/ 1 Celestion Greenback and 1 Celestion Alnico Blue,  Mesa Boogie MKII c+ head (the holy grail of Boogie’s!!), Marshall JCM 800 – 100 W head and 1960 4-12″ cab in either mono or stereo and a ’71 Ampeg B-15 S “flip-top” BASS AMPLIFIER.