About Us

Danny Uzilevsky

Owner/Producer/Engineer/Studio Musician

Danny Uzilevsky has been playing guitar, bass and singing in popular bands since the early nineties. He’s shared the stage with legends such as Link Wray, Dick Dale, Taj Mahal, Bill Kirtchen, Leo Nocentelli and many more.

As a canny stylist and musical chameleon, he turned his inventive nature toward production in 2000, co-producing his first record at Revolution Studios in Manchester England, Preacher Boy’s ambitious “Crow”. He has since produced a wide variety of albums and honed his skills as an engineer.

Danny’s a true studio musician that can go just as easily from guitar to banjo, bass to claves, or exploring new ways to make interesting sounds.

Producer Credits & Discography

Crow – Preacher Boy – 2000
The Brandywine EP – Chrome Johnson – 2002
I’m Comin’ Home – Rusty Evans – 2002
Chrome Johnson – Chrome Johnson – 2004
Gypsy Dreams – Uzca – 2004
Burning Man – Rusty Evans – 2005
Shine – Taylor Brooks – 2008
California Sunshine – Honeydust – 2010
Tu n’ne Pas – Sharron Drake (single) – 2014
Self titled – Elephant Listening Project – 2014
Not yet titled – Chrissy Lynne – 2014
Vultures and Weasels – Junk Parlor – 2014

1996 – Gutters & Pews – Preacher Boy (Bass)
1997 – The Tenderloin EP – Preacher Boy (Bass & Lap Steel)
1997 – Self Titled – Yikes! (Guitar, Vocals)
1998 – Down To You Skeleton – Skull Funk Tribe (Clavinet, Organ Piano, Synth)
1999 – Swing Is Dead – Lee Press-On & The Nails (Guitar, Banjo, Cello)
2000 – Playing Dirty – Lee Press-On & The Nails (Guitar)
2000 – Crow – Preacher Boy (Guitar, Lap Steel, Banjo, Percussion)
2000 – Neva Mind The Weatha – Skull Funk Tribe (Organ, Synth)
2000 – Rusty Evans & Ring Of Fire – Rusty Evans (Guitar, Vocals)
2002 – El Bando En Fuego – Lee Press-On & The Nails (Guitar, Vocals)
2002 – I’m Comin’ Home – Rusty Evans (Guitar, Vocals)
2002 – The Brandywine EP – Chrome Johnson (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Organ)
2003 – Walk The Talk – Jesse Colin Young (Bass, Guitar)
2004 – Living In Paradise – Jesse Colin Young (Bass, Guitar)
2004 – Self Titled – Chrome Johnson (Lead Vocal, Guitar)
2004 – Gypsy Dreams – Uzca (Guitar, Vocals)
2005 – Burning Man – Rusty Evans (Guitar, Vocals)
2006 – Tribute To Johnny Cash – Rusty Evans (Guitar, Vocals)
2008 – Shine! – Taylor Brooks (Bass, Guitar, Vocals)
2008 – Self Titled – Landsdale Station (Guitar)
2010 – California Sunshine – Honeydust (Bass, Guitar, Synth, Vocals)
2012 – I’m Five Years Ahead Of My Time – Rusty Evans (Guitar, Vocals)
2014 – Self Titled – Elephant Listening Project (Guitar, Synth, Vocals)
2014 – Not yet titled -Chrissy Lynne Band (Guitars, Banjo, Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Vocals, various percussion)

David Simon-Baker

Producer/Engineer/Studio Musician

David Simon-Baker is a California based producer, engineer, mixer, songwriter and musician. David has been behind the glass for nearly 20 years now. Some notable artists he is known for recently having made records with are Los Lobos, Jack Johnson, Trigger Hippy, Jackie Greene, The Mother Hips, Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers, and ALO. He is excited to call Allegiant Records one of his main home bases.

Visit David’s Website for Producer Credits & Discography

Essence Goldman

Producer/Vocal Coach

Award winning singer-songwriter, Essence has released 6 CDs on both independent and major labels. When she is not in the studio recording, or on the road touring, she is a voice coach and leads powerful workshops called Finding Your Voice for artists and business professionals. She has taught students ranging from absolute beginners to accomplished professional musicians, to lawyers wanting to improve their public speaking skills and presence in the courtroom and many more.

Essence is currently launching a non-profit foundation to bring healing through music to those who need it most.